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The Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUASHI) currently represents over 130 U.S. universities and international water science-related organizations. CUASHI aims to advance water science by strengthening interdisciplinary collaboration in the water science community, to empower the community by providing critical infrastructure, and to promote education in the water sciences at all levels. CUASHI has 4 goals to obtain by 2023:


  1. Promote discovery in the water sciences through leadership in water data services in support of interdisciplinary collaborative research.
  2. Foster and facilitate the integration of hydrologic science research and data services into innovative, multi-disciplinary educational and community building activities.
  3. Grow and diversify CUAHSI partners and funding sources to ensure sustainability of services through a multi-disciplinary approach.
  4. Increase the visibility, reach, and reputation of CUAHSI in the diverse water community.

To learn more about CUASHI and what they are doing to acomplish these goals, visit