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GRACE Mission

In 2002, NASA launched two identical satellites into polar orbit. These satellites known as GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) map Earth’s gravity field. These satellites track gravitational force by measuring the slight variation between the two satellites. They are also measure gravitational anomalies caused by shifts of mass on the Earth’s surface. These anomalies show changes in water storage. The GRACE mission finished in 2017, but the GRACE Follow-On mission will continue GRACE’s original mission later this year.

BYU has created an app that visually displays information gathered during the GRACE mission and will automatically add information from the GRACE Follow-on mission. This gives more people to access the valuable information gathered by these missions. Users will be able to see regional and global trends in surface water elevation, soil moisture, and groundwater levels since 2002. This information will give users insights into potential droughts and floods in the future.

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