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HydroServer LiteWeb Client

HydroServer LiteWeb Client

HydroServer Lite is a hydrological data hosting server. It is designed to be used by any organization that collects water resource data. It is sophisticated enough to be used by research universities and government organizations, yet simple enough for elementary schools and local citizen groups to use. HydroServer Lite can manage, display and share hydrological observations. Hydroserver Lite is a lightweight, user friendly, web based version of the CUAHSI HydroServer written in PHP. It can be run on any web hosting service that supports PHP and MySQL. It is fully compatible with the CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System including HydroDesktop. An exciting development with HydroServer Lite Web Client is its full translation into Spanish.


  • Adding, and uploading hydrological observation data to a MySQL ODM database from different locations using a web form interface.
  • Viewing the locations and data values using map, table and graph.
  • Editing existing hydrological observation data in the MySQL ODM database using a web form interface.
  • Managing users – Ex. Administrator, Coordinator, Contributor
  • Web service API (application programming interface) for reading and writing data values on the server by HydroDesktop and iPad.

CUSTOM BANNERS: Once you have installed your HydroServer Lite software, you may want to replace the default banner with something customized for your site. You can replace the default banner file by replacing this file: client/images/WebClientBanner.png. Make sure to rename the file as “WebClientBanner.png” before uploading it so that the software will find it.

Try It Now

We have created a “Sandbox” instance of HydroServer where you can create test sites, upload data, and explore all of the capabilities of this software right now. Feel free to kick the tires using the link below.

Visit the Sandbox

Host Your Data on Our Servers

Our servers are available to host your data! You can set up a HydroServer on this website for free in just a few easy steps. Use the link below to start your data server. Use this file as a guide to setup.

Host data at BYU

Download & Install

HydroServer Lite is a lightweight Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP data hosting system tha can be downloaded and installed on your own server. Use the link below to download HydroServer Lite.

Get HydroServer Lite

Future Capabilities

  • Phone app for data entry.
  • Low cost data logging hardware.
  • Ability to accept data submission via text message.
  • Translation protocol to facilitate internationalization.