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HydroShare is an online collaborative environment for sharing hydrologic data and models and aims at providing hydrologists the cyberinfrastructure needed to innovate and collaborate in research to solve water problems. HydroShare addresses the challenges of sharing hydrologic data and models by supporting collaboration and reproducible hydrologic science through the publication of hydrologic data and models. With HydroShare, users can:

    • Share data and models with colleagues
    • Manage who has access to shared content
    • Share, access, visualize, and manipulate a broad set of hydrologic data types and models
    • Use the web services API to program automated and client access
    • Publish data and models to meet the requirements of research project data management plans
    • Discover and access data and models published by others
    • Use web apps to visualize, analyze, and run models on data in HydroShare

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The main goal of HydroShare is to facilitate creation, collaboration around, discovery and reproducibility of, and access to data and model resources shared by members of the Hydrology community. HydroShare aims to provide collaborative social functions for datasets and models, including both private and public sharing, formation of collaborative groups, and value-added annotation of digital content. Content that can be shared within HydroShare is diverse, including digital objects that represent multiple hydrologic data types, models and model instances, documents, and other content types commonly used in hydrologic research. These include hydrologic time series, geographic features (vector data), geographic rasters (gridded data), multidimensional space-time data sets (e.g., NetCDF), and composite resources that represent complex datasets such as river geometry. Model Programs and Model Instances are additional types of content that can be shared and manipulated within HydroShare.

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