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Streamflow Prediction Applications

The Hydroinformatics lab is increasing what can be done with the Streamflow prediction tool (SPT). The hydroinformatics lab has added the SPT to an app created by BYU capstone students. This app, designed for the Dominican Republic, shows watersheds and the streamflow needed before each watershed floods. With the SPT, the app will show how much and how often each watershed will flood based off the SPT. Users of this app will visualize the effect high streamflow rates has on the country.

Meanwhile, another app is being developed by the hydroinformatics lab to show the specific areas being flooded in each watershed. Using the streamflow forecast and the watershed’s topography, this app shows the flooding caused by each stream and river. A time series chart is created showing the affected area during designated time intervals. This allows users to see how quickly water levels rise due to increased stream flow. With this knowledge, plans can be made to mitigate flooding and to prevent building on flood plains.