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Tethys App Warehouse

The Tethys App Warehouse is a Tethys app that provides an easy way to access, install, and manage other Tethys applications. There isn't currently a system in place that allows users to search for existing Tethys apps. The App Warehouse will allow users to search and discover Tethys applications based on keywords and then install them onto their Tethys portal. The Warehouse will also be useful in updating and uninstalling applications. Additionally, developers will be able to use the Warehouse to publish their apps so that others can locate and use them.

This application will benefit Tethys users, Portal administrators, and app developers. It is unique in that it makes managing other Tethys apps simple. It does this by utilizing core Tethys and Django tools. Conda is also used to package and share the applications.


GEOGLOWS is funding the development of the Tethys App Warehouse. GEOGLOWS stands for GEO Global Water Sustainability initiative. This initiative helps enable earth scientists to solve challenges related to Global Water Sustainability. Tethys apps have been developed and made available as part of our lab's work with NASA SERVIR and other programs. The Tethys App Warehouse is being developed in order to make these and future applications more easily accessible for everyone.